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Shai Touboul
Tami 4
Erykah Badu


Shai Touboul
Design / Webdesign
Tami 4
Erykah Badu
Branding / Design / Mini Site
Hanita Lenses
Design / Webdesign
Vanquish Luxury Drinks
Design / Webdesign
Bar Refaeli
Shomrat Hazorea
Paul Mccartney
Branding / Design / Mini Site
Branding / Design
Holy Rave
Branding / Design
Infected Mushroom

Infected Mushroom

Infected Mushroom

Design / Mini Site / Webdesign
Kinder Sport
Branding / Design
Msn Movies
Design / Online Marketing


We can create and manage your Internet Strategy, Brands, business or campaigns from A to Z.


Services we offer

Design & Branding

As Unique as Your Face or Your Fingerprints

When someone mentions Coke or Pepsi, you immediately visualize their logo, slogan and advertising jingle. The creation of each of these elements should reflect your business objectives and help differentiate you from the competition. Many people regard logos, branding and identity as all the same, but we know the differentiators, and how they work.

Define Yourself without Saying a Word

The logo is the keystone of your company’s branding and identity solution. Logos are vital to your business identity, which is why we work through multiple iterations of a potential logo, trying to find one that fits your personality and corporate objectives. Our design specialists can create logos which match your exact specifications or we can work as a partner with you in the process.

Say It, Don´t Spray It

Once your logo has been created and approved, you need to use it in conjunction with other materials that help customers identify you, including the use of color palettes, slogans, and other symbolic representations. Successful creation and implementation of a brand helps unify even disparate product and service offerings in the mind of your audience. Our experience with creating design and marketing elements ensures your brand is well defined and memorable.

Tell us everything about your business

One of the most common mistakes we see with companies is the reliance on the brand as an identity. In actuality, the identity transcends the symbols that represent your company and becomes the graphic equivalent of a mission statement. Your company’s core values, long-term objectives, and strengths can all be portrayed through the use of a corporate identity.

Analytics & Optimization

SEO – The Best Marketing Strategy To Generate Revenue

What is SEO? Search Engine Optimization is helping website owners to have a better website visibility. Organic SEO helps search engine crawlers to read the website architecture and position websites accordingly.

SEO is the most important part of Internet strategy which helps to draw more website traffic and improve search engine rankings. SEO involves a smart use of keywords and content optimization thereby ensuring that a website is positioned better. SEO can also help to generate a return on investment thereby cutting down marketing costs. Building a professional website can’t be done without integration of organic SEO into architecture of the website itself.

How Can We Help You?

We provide a complete service of website analytics, understanding your business, keyword research and implementation which will all result in a better website visibility, search engine rankings, and increase website traffic thus increasing your sales and business. Our developers will create a perfect SEO strategy following your instructions and business objectives. Our SEO Package includes:

Enhance Internal Page Linking
Keyword Analysis
Internal Tool Development
External Link Building
Business Analysis
SEO Reports

Search Engine Optimization is an integral part of every marketing strategy, and it’s imperative that your business has a marketing plan. We bring innovative SEO solutions and we will do the research, analysis and come up with the best solutions for your company.

Website Design

Build Your Newest Team Member to Your Exact Specifications

ADE Media Design doesn’t see your website as another marketing tool, we think of it as an extension of your business – it’s a member of your sales team, marketing team, and technology team. It’s crucial for small business owners


to have a team member that plays so many critical roles –and never needs a vacation or a day off! A website becomes an integral tool for larger companies when it plays a major role in your customer relationship management. Agencies seeking a temporary team player in their development cycle can always call on ADE Media Design.

The Keys to Clean and Effective Web Design

When ADE Media Design meets with you for the first time, we listen to your needs, your concerns and your vision. Then we build out user scenarios to help us evaluate the various ways a customer may use the new site, or even a specific page. By understanding these aspects and interactions we design your site to meet each of your needs, and plan for long-term growth. Our use of HTML, CSS, and databases is key in helping us create a site that fits you, and your audience, perfectly.

Putting It All Together

Website development can be very easy or very complicated. A small site without any programming can be planned and executed in a few weeks, while a large site with a content management system, blog, database, business logic, and eCommerce solution may take several months. In order to ensure that you get the best possible site, ADE Media Design documents all of the requirements, logic, actions, and data fields before we start. This allows us to provide highly accurate estimates and to finish on time by eliminating surprises from the development process.

Traditional Marketing

We Know More About Marketing Than Just Websites

Like many small business owners, we turned our passion into our livelihood, which is great news for our clients. Every day we design, take photos, write and program – it’s what we do

Marketing has many moving pieces and we make sure your marketing dollars are being used effectively. Websites are engaging and fluid – which is why we like them so much – but we do have considerable experience in other areas of marketing too. Why not find out for yourself? Give us a call today!

Provide Your Site With an Additional Avenue of Expression

We’ve heard the cliché, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” When it comes to web design, that picture could be worth a thousand dollars. Attractive and relevant photography can hook your customers immediately – and if they like what they see, chances are they’ll spend time on your site, which usually translates into business for you. Spark Media Group has access to both stock photography libraries and professional photographers who capture the very essence of your business in a single, striking image.

Sometimes There is No Substitution For a Piece of Paper in Your Hands

Electronic media has been a boon to business, but there are plenty of cases where printed material makes the difference in a marketing campaign. Spark Media Group knows the print industry, that’s where we first started! We’re just as comfortable designing business cards, posters, booklets, direct mail and other print collateral as we are coding PHP.

Project Consulting

ADE Media Design’s professional project managers and consultants can help you navigate and develop your next website or web-based application. Generally we do this for our projects, but we can be available to help save a project that is on the brink of disaster or help guide you through more a complex application as a third-party manager.


Site Architecture

Like any major construction project, it is important to spend the appropriate due diligence on planning specifications, architectural drawings, and requirements documentation. This is the most important part of any project, and yet it is often the most neglected. Most newcomers to the internet development world want to jump right into design and development with not so much as a cursory nod to the discovery and planning stage. Short term, this seems like a good way to save money. Long term though, it is a recipe for disaster. Would you really hire a builder to start construction on your home with a handful of sketches on a napkin?


Laying the proper foundation for a successful website or web-based application means paying attention to the details and starting construction with the most reliable contractors and materials. Everything needs to be ready: architectural documents, great conceptual design, fully produced production designs, photography, content, technology specifications, construction schedule, testing and quality assurance plans, delivery schedule, and launch and post-launch maintenance plans. If any of these items are missing or not properly prepared before construction, you are leaving your project open to any number of development and delivery problems.


Developing your website or application is going to take the cooperation and team work of multiple individuals: site architects, content writers, designers, CSS/HTML developers, and programmers. The general contractors, or in this case, the project manager’s job is to keep everyone on task, on schedule, and on budget. Generally, the site architecture, content and full production designs are completed, then the site moves into HTML/CSS coding. If the site is static, then you are almost done, and ready for launch. If the website is a custom application or CMS-based application (think Drupal, WordPress, or Joomla) then the expertise of a project consultant becomes extremely valuable. Understanding the capabilities and limitations of your team and the technologies to be used are crucial. Because once you get started, you have committed yourself, and the only path to a successful delivery is a full understanding of what is possible and what is not. Your project consultant can keep your expectations and the expectations of the team in line.


It is inevitable that your project will have a series of change requests, updates, and upgrades along the way. So you’ve changed your mind, you want granite instead of formica. Fine, most likely this change is easily done. However, be prepared for the type of changes that mean some heavy lifting has to be done. Need to move a door or window? It’s going to cost you. “But I didn’t know I would need a door there.” Not the programmer’s fault. Now you’re in a pickle. A good project consultant will help you through the rough spots when there is no avoiding them, but more importantly, they will help you circumvent these issues by not exposing you to the risk in the first place.

Deployment and Maintenance

So your website is done, and you are ready to launch. What does your homeowner’s policy look like? Who is responsible for hosting, server management, site maintenance, back-ups, software updates, emergency site crashes? The responsible individuals may or may not be the same contractors that just developed your website. Best you know this before you get to the “go live” stage. A project consultant can assist you in making the right choices for the proper deployment, maintenance and management of your website.

Social Media

Will Help You Build Your Brand & Social Network Community.

Internet marketing has evolved rapidly and nowadays’ in order to represent your business properly you should employ social networks. Social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, StumbleUpon and alike

can help to raise awareness among a target audience about your company and services. Proper managing of these social mediums can help launch your business, expand your reach and connect with new clients/customers and establish client’s loyalty. This has proven to be one of the most efficient marketing tools which helps you to reduce marketing costs – yet improve your company’s visibility and generate revenue at the same time.

How Can We Manage Your Social Media ?

The most important part of every advertising is having a marketing plan, whether short term or long term. We will help you to create an efficient social media campaign which will reach your target audience and new clients. We will help you to improve your online exposure through promoting your business on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and alike, thus providing a solution which will most certainly result in improvement of sales and/or company’s visibility quickly. We offer the following:

Social Network Account Development
Social Media Automation
Social Network Marketing Campaign
Blog Creation
Community Development

Social Networks are popular and advertising through these mediums can boost your sales and launch your business fast, and improve company-client communication greatly.

About Me

My Skills

  • (x)HTML & CSS (experience since 2000, highly skilled)
  • JavaScript (experience since 2000, highly skilled)
  • Adobe Photoshop (experience since 2000, highly skilled)
  • Adobe Illustrator (usage since 2000, good skills)
  • PHP (experience since 2000, highly skilled)

If you are interested, lets talk

I’m an independent, digital creative freelancer  working in the digital field since 2000. I combine clear design with solid technical realization to create projects that truly inspire, inform and interact. I could talk for hours about user interface design – why a shape should move a pixel to the right or the beauty of a clear line of code. However, for now i will keep it short. I prefer to create projects for my clients and partners than write about that :-) .

UI, UX and Design

Designing an Interface is an exercise in compromise between design benefits and technical limitations. Every UI decision, from a pixel’s precise placement to the entire site’s information architecture, should be made judiciously. Careful consideration of each design decision for every element involved in constructing the UI creates a superior outcome.

I  helped my clients to create innovative, friendly, and beautiful user experience. I master all the UX creation steps:

  • User research and analysis
  • Conceptual model design
  • Wireframing
  • Graphic design
  • Usability testing
  • Prototyping

My specialty is analyzing and deeply understanding complex projects, so that i can cast them into clear and meaningful interactions. I have vast experience in interfaces for many platforms.

Websites & Portals

Developing Websites & Portals is a serious business. The tasks are bigger, the process longer and the risks are enormous. Some of the portals i delivered are Mybabyface, Kinder sport, Morfix and more. Each Website/Portal is a complete exercise in graphical design, interaction design, usability, performance focus and scalable results.


Games, Mobile Apps, Facebook Apps or Video Platforms, I offer cross-platform technology solutions to accommodate any application. My applications are seamlessly implemented regardless of size or complexity of the existing infrastructure.

Microsites & Campaigns

Making a great first impression and presenting engaging content is crucial for a Microsite and a Campaign. Microsites and Campaigns require an interactive carefully branded user experience targeting the marketing goals.

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